Drawing shows a golden, male figure standing proudly on a grey plinth. He looks toward a swallow flying away from him to the right.
Oliver McNeary
Drawing shows a castle, town, and surrounding landscape in bright colours. A large, golden figure stands over the town.
Tom McCreesh
Drawing shows interior scene with a woman working at a table, a figure in bed, and a bird flying in through a large, horizontal window. Outside the window, a golden statue is seen on a plinth. The walls are fire-engine red.
Corey Black
Drawing shows Silhouettes of a crowned figure on a plinth, a gravestone, and a church against a peach-coloured sky.
Khianna McFarland
Drawing shows a large, stone bridge spanning a flowing river. A figure on a plinth, a swallow in flight, two green hills, and a grey castle are seen in the background.
Kyra Wills
Drawing shows two hands cradling an injured bird against an abstract blue and yellow background.
Lily Rodger
Drawing shows a large bird emerging from a stone church against a star-filled sky.
Cody Kavanagh


The Happy Days Enniskillen Education programme brings together schools, colleges and heritage organisations in collaborative projects with the aim of animating and bringing to life different aspects of literary heritage in Enniskillen and Fermanagh.

..sad, funny and faintly sinister, I watch hunting for oblique meanings while dozens of children follow the plot, laugh, shout and commentate. The production is excellent... enjoyed by five year olds, Happy Days is democratising Beckett. Elsewhere, five-year-olds (and over) take in artwork, comedy, concerts and even sport associated with Beckett.

The Financial Times